The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan Relaunched

A Reason to Hope. The Means to Cope. That site served them well for the years they had it. They were able to post new and upcoming information but like all things there comes a time when change is needed.

Change in this case meant a few things.

  1. Having a design that matched more with the branding of the organization.
  2. Making it easier for the organization to update and deliver content and resources on the website.
  3. Being available on more devices than just a desktop computer.
  4. Emphasizing their social media efforts.

Mobile VersionTo accomplish these goals LGR Internet Solutions worked with the organization to create a design to help portray the uniqueness of the Saskatchewan Society while still blending in nicely with the other organizations across the country. The site structure was updated to help the society better manage their information and allow for easier distribution of their educational resources. The site also features links to all of the Schizophrenia Societies social media channels and is desktop and mobile friendly taking advantage of responsive design.

To accomplish this LGR Internet Solutions kept their website in WordPress so they could easily update their content but created a new custom theme based on the Headway Theme Framework to allow for a beautiful responsive design. The website also takes advantage of several WordPress plugins to improve website load times while still being friendly for the organization to manage their website.

It has been a pleasure working with The Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan and I look forward to helping them in the future with their website design and hosting needs.

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