Scribd is a site for sharing documents. People can upload various types of documents (.doc, .pdf, .txt, .ppt, .xls, .ps, .lit) and allow people access them, rate them and comment on the uoloaded comments.

My first impression of Scribd is that it is YouTube for documents. It makes sharing of documents easy. I can see uses for using Scribd as a web developer. Instead of making people download pdf documents to view them, you can upload them to Scribd and embed the document on the web page. People can then download the document after reading it.

Scribd also makes a large collection of information available for people to read. I found it was not very easy to browse documents, but the search feature provides decent results depending on what you are searching for. For example, I searched for “search engine marketing” and had a 131 documents returned. I was not very happy with the results sorted by relevance. By sorting by “most liked” I had more interesting results returned. Below is “55 Fun Ways to Have Fun with Google”. It looks like a fun read.

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