I have talked about Lightbox and other Lightbox like Javascripts yesterday and almost clicked away as fast as I got there but something in the description caught my eye: “Standards”. I then read a little further and discovered that not only is Shadowbox valid HTML is is also built so you can use it with different frameworks. So if you are already using Prototype.js in a project you can use Shadowbox, or if you are using jQuery you can use Shadowbox.

Shadowbox also supports more than just images, so you can use it to load external web pages, videos, Flash and it even supports client side image maps. I tried the demos out and was impressed. I have not had a chance to try the script in an actual website yet, but it is now high no my list of Lightbox Javascripts to use.

I could have used it a couple of weeks ago when I was working on a project that uses Prototype. maybe I will go back and give it a try on the site I was working on for the next time I have an update from that client.

Categories: web-programming