Show Your Tweets on Digg and StumbleUpon

TwitterTag on my Digg Profile comes in handy.

I was recently updating my Digg and StumbleUpon and thought it would be great to let people know that they can also follow me on Twitter. Sure links to my Twitter profile are great but I wanted to show people what my latest tweet was. Just by chance I thought I would try adding a TwitterTag to my profile pages and see what happened. Sure enough I saved my profiles and the TwitterTag image instantly appeared showing my latest tweet to all that visit my Digg and StumbleUpon profiles.

If you want to add your latest tweet to Digg and StumbleUpon simply visit TwitterTag, enter your Twitter username, set the colors and the size of TwitterTag you want to create and create Generate. Copy the HTML link and image code that is displayed. Go to your Digg and StumbleUpon profiles and paste the code in the About You sections to update your profile and save. Magically the TwitterTag will appear and show your latest tweets when you tweet. There might be a slight delay in the updating because TwitterTag caches your latest tweet for a little while.

There might be other social media profiles that you can do this with as well, but these are the two that I have recently updated and tried. If you know of others leave a comment and a link so we can all add our latest tweets to them as well. Using TwitterTag to help promote your Twitter profile on your other social media profiles is an excellent way to let people know about your Twitter account and to gain more followers.

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