Simply Accounting Backup

I could go on at length about my dislike for Simply Accounting, but I will spare you my ranting about the product. It is enough to know that I have had clients that have had bad experiences with it, usually because their data file will go corrupt and something went wrong with the backup. I don’t even use it in my office but many of my clients do so I have been forced to learn a little about it simply to help them backup their data. Well I discovered recently that Simply Accounting finally did something right as far as backing up is concerned. They made it automatic! Congratulations Simply Accounting you finally made it easy for people to backup their accounting data. If you have upgraded to Simply Accounting 2008 you can now backup your accounting data automatically daily when you close Simply Accounting. The people I know that use Simply Accounting did not know about this feature and if you look through the Simply Accounting website you will probably not find any mention of it, but it is there, look through the PDF user manual for instructions on how to set it up. This one feature could save people a great deal of grief and it is unfortunate that Simply Accounting does not make a bigger deal out of it. If you use Simply Accounting I highly recommend you turn on the automatic backup.

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