Sketch Generators

I Stumbled across a sketch generator today and I was curious how many others there are out there. I could only find two: Spork Forge and Dumpr. I guess there is not a very large market for sketch generators. Both generators are pretty similar. You choose a file from your computer and run it through the generator. Dumpr allows you to get photos from more than just your computer so you can import photos from flickr, a url or a Web 2.0 Mashup. I never tried the Web 2.0 mashup but it sounds interesting. Spork Forge gives you some more control over the output of the image while Dumpr is pretty much upload and you get what you get.

I wondered how they compared so I found this image of my daughter from her second birthday and ran it through. [img_5822.JPG

Spork Forge [sporkforge-sketch.png

Dumpr [dumpr-sketch.jpg

They both do a decent job, but compare that to this image I did in a few seconds in Photoshop. [photoshop-sketch.jpg

I think I will be sticking with Photoshop if I need to do a sketch of an image. The online tools would be good for someone that just wants to do something fun to post on Myspace or Facebook.

Are there other sketch generators out there that I can try?

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