Smashup Graphics RSS Button Maker

I hit the Stumble button by accident this morning (funny how that happens) and I was pleasantly surprised to be taken to the Smashup Graphics website. The site offers a number of graphic generators including test effects, backgrounds, buttons makers and menu makers. None of them really struck me as being great graphics that you would want to use on your website, except one. They have an RSS Button Maker that you can use to create your own RSS button with whatever colors you choose. I thought it was fun and might save someone some time.

You can make RSS buttons as large as 400 pixels wide. That should be big enough to get peoples attention. You can turn off the shadow at the bottom and the shine, so you get a few choices. Here is one I made for fun. I left the shadow and shine on. [rss_smashup.gif

Since I am talking about RSS. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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