StripeMania - Make Stripes the Easy Way!

Stripes seem to becoming popular again in designs. I have not used stripes in a web design for awhile, but after discovering StripeMania I might have to consider trying a design with stripes again.

StripeMania is probably the easiest tool I have ever used to create a seamless striped image. I found it easier than some of the Photoshop tools out there that do exactly the same thing. You can also browse other stripe designs that people have created. When you are all done and you have created the perfect seamless striped image for your website you can download it and use it however you want.

You have to love little tools like StripeMania. They make it easy to do just one thing, that sometimes is a chore to do any other way.

Just so you know, I did have some problems with the site in Firefox. It would not change the colours properly for me, but it worked great in Internet Explorer. I am quite sure I used it in Firefox before, so I am not sure why it would not work in Firefox today.

P.S. Normally I would not put a striped background behind text because I know it can be harder to read the text, but it just seemed to fit here.

Categories: tools