StumbleUpon – Web Surfing Brought Back to Life!

StumbleUpon, the latest incarnation of social bookmarking services, offers users a different web surfing experience. It might just be that StumbleUpon has brought back what had been lost, the joy of surfing with an added bonus, that the user will actually find websites that are of interest to them.

In a world where so many web services don’t deliver on the statements they make on their websites, the StumbleUpon website states:

Channel surf the internet with StumbleUpon! Discover great websites, videos, pictures and more — all according to your interests.

  • Channel surf the internet for great websites, videos, pictures, games and more!
  • Get personalized recommendations according to your interests
  • Rate, review and share what you find
  • Keep an online history of the things you’ve Stumbled

StumbleUpon actually delivers what it says, but it does require some work on the part of the user. You will need to install a toolbar for your web browser of choice. Once you sign up and subscribe to some channels you will start to stumble sites that are related to that interest. As you rate sites you like and don’t like, your stumbles will start to be more in tune to your interests.

This is just the beginning of a users experience with StumbleUpon. The ability to share the sites you like with your friends adds to the users experience of StumbleUpon. Unlike some other social websites where adding friends seems to be the only point, StumbleUpon focuses on sharing websites of interests with your friends.

I have been a StumbleUpon user for close to a year after one of my websites was submitted to StumbleUpon. I can honestly say that it has brought back the joy of simply surfing the internet. If you have not tried StumbleUpon, go and try it out. Soon you will once again enjoy web surfing again.

Are you a StumbleUpon user? Share your experience of the service.

3 thoughts on “StumbleUpon – Web Surfing Brought Back to Life!”

  1. came to you via vivien’s inspiration group writing project. i stumbled upon stumbleupon back in march and have been an avid used ever since. (i’m there under “moritherapy”, if you’re interested). i REALLY like it. it helps me compress my experience of the internet, and share it with others. i’m fascinated how over time, i meet more and more people who have very similar interests, and i’m slowly forming online relationships with some of them. plus i’ve gotten some nice traffic spikes from stumbleupon. however, i stronly feel that it should not be used solely as a method for self promotion. it’s also completely different from services like digg or reddit or delicious, in that stumbleupon gears itself to the NORMAL internet user, not to the geek.

  2. Thank you for visiting and leaving your opinion of StumbleUpon. It is nice to meet another one of Vivien’s readers. I agree that StumbleUpon is completely different than reddit, Digg and Delicious and is geared toward the regular web surfer. People can just surf and give a thumbs up or down. I also find it is a great way of rewarding a webmaster for something that I find interesting. I love it when my site gets submitted to StumbleUpon. It feels like a little pat on the back.

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