The Big Move

Well I just could not take it any more. Blogger was down again today and am simply feed up with it, so the move has started to WordPress. Things might be a little messy around here for a little while and you will have to suffer with the default theme until I get some time free to work on a new one. Hopefully I can wrap up my projects soon and focus some more on the blog and some other projects that I would like to get moving.

If you notice a post that has a broken video or it appears that something is not quite right, please let me know in a comment so I can put it on my list of things to sort through.

4 Responses to The Big Move

  1. Switching to WordPress was a huge improvement for me. The whole blogging experience improved. Blogger was keeping me from enjoying the experience.

  2. I just had enough. I will still use Blogger for some clients that just need a quick blog, but I was tired of Blogger being down and basically abandoning FTP publishers. I need to find the time to design a theme now.

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