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I recently bought a new cell phone. I usually just get the basic normal cell phone without a lot of extra features, but this time I splurged and got more of a gadget phone. I bought a Nokia 6275i on the PC Mobility network. For those that read my blog that are not from Canada that is the Presidents Choice mobility network. I had been trying to get the same phone from Virgin Mobile but it was impossible. I did not know a lot about the PC Mobile network, but the coverage map did not look much different than the Virgin Mobile network so I thought I would take the chance.

Nokia 6275iThe phone has a lot of bells and whistles that I still have not learned how to use all of them. I really like the camera that is built in. It is a 2 megapixel camera, not bad for a phone. It is the same resolution as our regular camara, and the quality is not bad. I don’t have any photos on my computer yet so I can’t show you. It has come in handy to take some snaps of the kids. It also has a media player, most importantly it is an MP3 player. I wanted an MP3 player to hook into our car stereo on trips. Sounds pretty good. Easy to use.

I have also found it handy to use the phone to check email and read through my RSS feeds. Comes in handy when I am off at a clients office or waiting at the doctors office, dentist etc. I have not spent a great deal of time using the mobile web, mainly becuase my previous cell phone on the Rogers network, cost a fortune to connect. This new phone has flat fee package for Internet usage. To the point of this post, using the phone got me interested in how to create a mobile website, since most websites don’t look great on cell phones. I wrote a post up over at Epiblogger looking at seven mobile website builders so if you are interested in maybe building a mobile website go and take a look at what discovered.

Also you might be interested to know that the phone works well. I have only made two calls on it, but they were clear. I had my doubts about PC Mobile, but so far they have been as good or better than Rogers. I will never get a package again, only prepaid cell service for me.

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