Themes, SEO and Consulting in One Day

I have started several post for the blog here today, but I have not been able to finish a single one. I don’t know what it is about today that seems to be causing me to drift from topic to topic, but that is the kind of day it has been. Since I was not able to finish a complete post today I’ll just give you a run down of some of the post topics I was thinking of writing about today.

WordPress Themes - I have been doing a lot more WordPress development. I currently have five website/blog projects on the go all being done in WordPress. On top of that I have another two quotes out that are also websites/blogs that would use WordPress. I recently came across a post that had a list of five blank WordPress themes to help in development. Now I just need the time to sit and look at them.

Regina SEO and it appears that no one in Regina Saskatchewan does SEO. I did not find one company on the first page of results that was from Regina or even from Saskatchewan for that matter. Do the web companies in Regina not care about SEO? Do they just not do it? Maybe there is just no market in Regina for SEO, not that I want to take the Regina SEO market by storm, but I thought there might be at least one company doing it here.

Blog Consulting - I have been having an interesting email exchange with someone about helping him make some changes to his blog. The whole exchange has gotten me thinking that perhaps I can take my webmaster knowledge and starting doing some blog consulting. In many ways I have already started doing this, but I have never really formally come out and said “heh I do blog consulting”. Can Regina handle having a blog consultant?

Big News - Looks like I will be able to announce my big news on October 1, 2008. Make sure you check back on October 1st to find out what I have been trying to keep under my hat since the move.

That is the kind of day it has been here on the seventieth of September two thousand and eight.

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