Top 5 Easy Ajax Add Ons

Looking for a quick and easy way to add some new zing to your website without a lot of fuss. Here are my top five Ajax add ons to bring some new life to your website. The list is in order of how difficult I think it is to implement on a website, with one being the easiest and five the hardest.

  1. Lightbox
    If you use photos on your website, have a small photo gallery or just want to highlight some special photos then Lightbox is a great easy addition to any site. The install is a very simple four steps.

  2. Thickbox
    If you want to add more to your site than what Lightbox can offer check out Thickbox. It offers more features including the ability to show single images, multiple images, inline content, iframe content and content served through AJAX. While a little more work to install, it can offer more possibilities than just a Lightbox install. I have even seen it used to pop up a Google Map on the page. A very nice package to add on.

  3. moo.fx
    moo.fx is an easy way to add effects to a website. When I used this on a site I found the Idiot’s Guide to moo.fx very helpful in getting me going.

  4. Google Maps
    Google Maps are everywhere! They are easy to include into a site and can provide users with easy access to finding your office. Combine Google Maps with Thickbox and you have a fabulous Ajax add on.

  5. Rico
    This Ajax add on is for those that want to give their website a real make over. The possibilities are almost endless with Rico and what you can do. The simple things that you can do include adding animation effects and rounded corners.

That is my top five that I have experience with, but certainly not an exhaustive list of possibilities. You sometimes just have to pick the tools you will use otherwise you will be switching things constantly and never getting to the other things that need attention.

Categories: web-programming