Tweetbucks - Tweet Your Way to the Bank?

It does not take long looking at people’s tweets trying to sell bad informational products and how to turn Twitter into a traffic machine that people are trying hard to make money using Twitter. Affiliate marketing is not new to Twitter, and has now gotten easier for the regular Twitter user. If people were not used to the world of affiliate marketing then getting started in affiliate marketing using Twitter is a lot of work. You need to find products to promote, sign up for programs, get accepted all the while building your following on Twitter so you have someone to promote your affiliate programs too. With Tweetbucks the average Twitter user no longer has to work quite so hard to start promoting affiliate products using Twitter.

The process is simple really. Tweetbucks has partnered with thousands of affiliate programs already. When you are browsing an ecommerce site, like TigerDirect for example, and you find a product you are thinking of getting or want to promote you simply copy the URL into Tweetbucks and it will search for an affiliate relationship and create a shortened link for you to use on Twitter. For example I was recently looking at 24” LCD monitors. One of the monitors I like is the Viewsonic 24” LCD. I copy the URL into Tweetbucks, and it creates an affiliate link for me to use on Twitter.

Tweetbucks pays using PayPal with a minimum payout of only $25.00. How long it takes you to reach the payout will depend on how many people actually buy something when you click through your link. If you have a huge following it might not be hard. They are even giving new sign ups $5.00 to start you off so you only need to make an extra $20.00 to get your first payout.

There is a cost to using Tweetbucks though, you do not make 100% of the affiliate commission. For every sale you make 70% of the commission and Tweetbucks keeps 30%. Not a bad commission for them considering they have to maintain the relationships with the affiliate partners. It could make a few extra dollars in your pocket every month.

Tweetbucks makes it easy for anyone using Twitter to start adding affiliate links to their tweets. If you occasionally tweet a product that you want or that you bought it might make you a few dollars. If you are continually spamming Twitter with affiliate links you will quickly lose followers and not make much. I know that some people will be up in arms about the fact that people would use affiliate links on Twitter. There is a difference between people spamming Twitter with their affiliate links and those that are genuine about the products and services they use. I have used the occasional affiliate link on Twitter and it can be an effective way of creating more sales, but again I use it sparingly.

What do you think? Would you use Tweetbucks to let your followers know about products and services you use?

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