Twitter Noise, Noise, Noise

As you get more and more followers and follow more people on Twitter the problem that many users start to face is the level of noise from all of the tweets that they have coming at them. If you have started to reach a level on Twitter where the noise is starting to get to you here are some things I have found that have been helpful.

  • You don’t read every tweet by everyone that you follow. Check once in a while and if you see something that interests you then you can reply.
  • Use a Twitter client, like Tweetdeck. I started on Twitter using the web interface, and TwitterFox, and I still like to use those interfaces, but Tweetdeck does a couple of things that makes managing the noise easier. You can create groups and add your followers into groups so you can still keep track of the people you want to follow more closely. FOr example I have a friends and family group so I can see tweets from my friends and family at a glance. Update: There is also a Twitter client called PeopleBrowsr that is similar to Tweetdeck but web based. Impressed with it so far.
  • Turn it off. You don’t need to be on Twitter all day long having conversations with people. I would get very little done if I did that.

Twitter is like a giant party room and as you walk through the room you will have conversations with certain people. You don’t need to hear all of the conversations going on and you don’t need to talk with every person there all at once. Just come and enjoy the party, and you are always welcome to chat with me when you are there.

If you are already on Twitter, what do you use to manage the noise?

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