Twitter Toolkit

Twitter is everywhere these days, and I was sceptical at first but I have become a fan. It becomes a great tool to use to find out information from various sources. For example, today I have been considering ordering some business cards. I have not had any for awhile and thought I would ask people on Twitter if they

  1. Thought business cards were still important for online workers?
  2. Where do they get them.

I got several responses that were very helpful. Twitter was able to provide me with valuable information from people in a very timely manner. I have not ordered any cards yet, but I have taken note of people’s responses and will be looking into the places they recommended.

Everyone has different preferences for using Twitter, but I thought I would share my Twitter toolkit.

  • TwitterFox - I use my Firefox browser for everything. More and more Firefox is becoming the only application I load often. I use it to do word processing with Google Docs, email with Gmail, blogging, and so when I went looking for a Twitter client I went looking for a Firefox addon. I tried several and TwitterFox is my favourite.
  • Twitterfeed - I use Twitterfeed to post to Twitter when I have updated either this blog or Video Rambler.
  • TwitResponse - To be honest I have not actually used this service yet, but I have signed up. I like the idea, but it takes away some of the interactivity that I like about Twitter.
  • Twitter - I don’t log into the web interface for Twitter very often, but I have been spending more time using my Nokia 6275i and I have not found a Twitter client that works on it, so if I Tweet from my cell phone it is usually from the Twitter web interface.
  • Jott - This is another service that I am thinking of using to Tweet. Not only that but I am thinking of using it to blog with as well. I hope to write up a review of this service soon, but I think it offers some great possibilities to stay in touch on Twitter.

What is in your Twitter toolkit?

Of course you can follow me on Twitter and keep up to date with all the little tidbits that go on between blog posts.

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