Twitter Update

I have become a Twitter convert. I finally get it. I have had my issues with Twitter in the past (here, which messes up some people off because there are two of us using one account, but it has been a useful tool. Instead of emailing back and for all day long, we just check our Twitter feed and respond when we have time. It has been great.

With the Epiblogger Twitter going so well I thought I should start to use it as LGR again. So I updated my photo, removed some of the Twitterfeeds and installed Twitterfox so I can just Tweet from my browser. I was using Twitbin for the Epiblogger Twitter account, but TwitterFox makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts so I think I will use it.

To make Twitter more fun and to network with others you need to have followers and follow them so if you are interested in my ramblings of a professional web master or in getting links to videos that might not make it to Video Rambler come and follow me on Twitter. The more the merrier.

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