Twittering Our Lives Away

Fun Twitter shirt seen at LIFT

Attribution License by Robert Scoble

Everyday there is more talk about Twitter. The media is certainly getting into Twitter with Ashton Kutcher breaking the 1 million followers, and Oprah joining not long ago and already approaching the 1 million follower mark. The number of ways that people use Twitter everyday is growing and changing. I can’t help but wonder if with all of the attention Twitter is getting are we Twittering our lives away?

I joined Twitter for a number of reasons, one was to connect with new people. Working from home one of the things I miss about working in an office is the ability to hang out at the water cooler and chat with my coworkers. Twitter has been a great way to have conversations with people that have similar interests as myself.

I also joined Twitter as a way to help promote my business by tweeting out the latest blog posts. Shoemoney recently made a short blog post showing the amount of referral traffic that he gets from Twitter. I don’t get quite that amount but referral traffic from Twitter did come in fourth for referral traffic. More and more the conversations that I am having on Twitter is bringing in new people to read and take part here. This regularly leads to new work. Twitter has improved my online business be helping me connect with new clients.

How much tweeting is too much? Is there a limit? Do people tweet instead of taking the time to write a new blog post? Is Twitter taking you away from the work that you should be doing? Twitter has only started to change how we communicate but are we Twittering our lives away?

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