Two More Things Any Web Developer Worth Their Spit Should Know

This post over at Search-This is one that I can file under the category “Posts I wish I had written”. It offers 10 great points that every serious web developer should know. This is probably a good list of things a client could ask of their next web developer as well.

There are a couple of items I think should be added to the list that serious web developers should know. These items perhaps go beyond the role of just creating a website and move into promoting a website, but the initial work can be done by the web developer. The serious SEO consultants out there might disagree with me, but tough.

  1. Basic SEO

    Coding and creating a site is one thing, but if the developer does not have at least a basic understanding of some search engine optimization techniques. Even some of the simple things like title tags, meta keyword tags and meta descriptions. This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as SEO goes but helping clients get a leg up with the basics should be a part of every web developers job.

  2. Social Networking

    Web developers need to be aware that the web is no longer the static build a site and move on activity that it once was. Web developers need to be somewhat aware of the social aspect of the web. Give clients a basic head start on the social side of the web with buttons or links that let people share the site with social media websites can go a long way in getting a website off the ground.

Perhaps that is pushing the limits of web developer into the realm of SEO and social media consulting, but if a web developer wants to actually help their client succeed on the web they need to do more than just build the website.

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