Use .htaccess to Block a Country

There are occasions when you need to do some serious blocking on your website, and you have to block an entire country. I have helped people in the past block countries like China from accessing their website. While there can be many reasons why you would want to block en entire country from accessing your website it used to be a bit of a chore to create the .htaccess file to do it. Well not anymore, check out block a country and with a couple of clicks you can generate an .htaccess file that will block the countries of your choice.

I have been playing with some screencasting software so I took a short screencast of how to use the site. Watch closely or you might miss it. If you feel like blocking off all of us friendly Canadians it only takes you a few seconds now.

After you either copy the information or download the generated .htaccess file all that is left to do is either upload it to your website or integrate it into your existing .htaccess file. It makes blocking a whole country very easy to do. I will definately use this tool the next time I get a call/email to block a country from access a website.

Categories: web-programming