Use WordPress to Welcome Visitors Revisited

One of the things I like about working on the Internet is that things never stay the same. Things are always evolving and changing. Most bloggers will tell you that it is a good idea to welcome people that come to your blog. The plugin ”What Would Seth Godin Do?” is one that is mentioned fairly often and of course you want to encourage people that come from social networking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to Digg and Thumbs Up your post. Not long ago I came across a WordPress plugin that can help bloggers offer custom messages to users based on the website that referred them as well as offering a default message. The WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin does all of this and offers easy customization.

The WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin gives bloggers the ability to show custom messages to readers based upon the referrer that sent them to the blog, as well as showing a default message to users that come from a referrer that is not defined. The plugin combines many of the popular plugins so you only need to run the WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin instead of a plugin for Digg users, StumbleUpon users, Delicious users, etc etc. The plugin also works well with sites that use cache plugins by using JavaScript to output the messages. This prevents the welcome to a Stumbler of Digg user being output into the cache version of the page and being shown to the wrong person, a common problem with some of the other plugins to welcome visitors.

The WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin has also made it easy to add additional messages for other referrers by simply adding a new URL and message. This can great if your blog starts to get referral traffic from a specific URL such as another blog or forum, allowing you to offer those readers a custom message.

You can download WP Greet Box from the WordPress plugin repository. It might be the plugin you were needing to be able to disable several other plugins and have a solution to welcome visitors that is compatible with cache plugins.

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