VectorMagic Redux

I talked about VectorMagic way back in October, but I wanted to mention them again because they just saved me a couple hours of work. I had a client email me a logo and I needed to recreate it for the new website that we are working on. The copy of the logo they sent me was not great, a gif, a blurry gif on top of it. I ran it through VectorMagic and was able to take the output from them and with a few minor edits had a beautiful vector image that I was able to resize to what I needed.

A few things have changed over at VectorMagic from when they first started up. The first thing I noticed is they have membership accounts that you need to signup for to download svg, eps and pdf formats. They also charge for tokens to download the vector formats, but you do get two free tokens when you first signup. You can buy tokens in 5, 10 or 20 packs. One token is good for on image and you can re-trace that image until you are happy with it before you download. The price of a 5 pack of tokens is currently at $14.05 so $2.81/token. The prices per token go down for the larger token packs. That is well worth the money if it will save you 2 hours worth of work.

VectorMagic also offers an unlimited account for $7.95/month, but it is currently on special for $4.95/month! That is a 35% discount on the unlimited account. If you think you would be using the service a great deal it would be worth your money to buy the unlimited account. I don’t need the service enough to justify the unlimited account, so I will be sticking with buying tokens for now.

If you have not tried VectorMagic, give it a try! They have these nifty new widgets that you can use to start tracing your image as a vector image.

Trace your bitmaps with Vector Magic
Trace your bitmaps with Vector Magic
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