Your Webmaster and Blogging Questions

I have been wondering what people would like to know more about that read my blog so I thought I would open up the doors to you to ask me your webmaster and blogging questions.

The floor is all yours, what questions would you love to have answered about being a webmaster and / or blogging. Be as specific or general as you would like. Leave your questions below and I will answer them in either upcoming posts.

Looking forward to your questions!

5 thoughts on “Your Webmaster and Blogging Questions”

  1. I’ve been thinking about the shift going on in the web. I think some people are trying to call it web 3.0. I think Scoble is saying 2010. Since I like big questions, what do you think about where the web is going, real time or otherwise, and how your blog will make that shift?
    .-= Rhett Soveran´s last blog ..Reasons to live in Saskatchewan =-.

  2. Hehe ‘Reasons to live in Saskatchewan’ I’m definitely going to check that out when I’m done here 😉

    Anyway, hiya Lee!

    I have a few really good questions for you:

    ** WordPress or Joomla? Which is better and why?
    ** Switching domains. What should I be aware of?
    ** Blog on the main domain or on a subpage. ( vs Do you lose clients between them? Is one better than the other?
    ** What’s your opinion about placing Adsense/affiliate ads on a corporate blog?
    ** What about those who leave your site and don’t convert? Do you use the information those people leave behind? How? Tips? Why or why not?

    Ok, as you can tell, this is one of my favorite subjects. I’ll stop here and look forward to hearing more!

    Angie Haggstrom
    Angie’s Copywriting and fellow Saskatchewanian
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  3. Thanks for the questions so far. Lots of great topics. I will start to tackled them this week. If others have more feel free to keep asking.

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