Webmaster Tools - DNS Stuff

A week does not go by that I don’t need to test something on one of my websites or servers. One of the tools that always comes in handy in diagnosing problems and checking up on things is DNSstuff.com. If you are ever having problems reaching your website and you are not sure if your server is down or it is just your Internet connection head on over to DNSstuff.com and do some simple tests to see if your server is responding.

I recently had a day when I was able to connect to most of the Internet, but I was not able to get to the LGR Computer Enterprises website. I headed on over to DNSstuff.com and was able to verify that the server was responding to pings, a traceroute and the HTML validator was able to able to connect and check the html. The server was there and responding and the world could see it. Four hours later I was able to connect to the site again, and checking the logs traffic had continued through the whole time, even though I could not connect.

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