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iStock_000003255105XSmall. I remember writing those two posts and recently I went back and reread them. It is always interesting to go back and reread some thing you have written almost two years ago. I know that I made a sweeping generalization in those posts, but I remember doing it to try and make a point, that we all have different talents and we should focus on doing what we do best.

When I was in University and money was tight I would do much of my own car maintenance. Mechanics were expensive and I had more time than money. I would change my oil, replace spark plugs, replace starters, alternators, fix brakes and the list goes on. At some point I ended up getting stranded on the highway in -30 Celsuis weather and needed to get my car towed back to the city. I had checked the car before the trip but I did not look very closely at the belts and sure enough a belt ended up breaking. Being a car mechanic was not something I was very good at and to be honest with you I never really liked doing. It always took me much longer to get something done than if I had just taken it into the repair shop to begin with.

Anyone can learn how to FTP, install plugins, manage widgets and learn some basic HTML, but there are times when calling a website mechanic will be faster and easier to help you accomplish your goals. Whether it is to improve your theme, install a new plugin, integrate a new feature to your website or help with your SEO. You need to know when is the right time to call someone.

With WordPress 2.8 recently being released I have been busy upgrading and updating websites and blogs for my clients. Many of them manage their own sites. They update them regularly with new posts, edit pages and add new photos. They know their business and readers, and they also know that the fastest and easiest way to make sure their installation of WordPress is up to date is to let me upgrade their software. From making regular backups of the WordPress database and files, upgrading plugins and WordPress itself I offer many service options for my clients. It allows my clients to focus on what they do best and it lets me do what I do best.

If you are in need of a website mechanic to take care of some of those regular technical tasks drop me a note I will be happy to help so you can focus on what is most important about your website.

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