Website Rebuild - Getting Content Out of WordPress/ClassicPress

One of the first steps I had to sort out in deciding to move from WordPress/ClassicPress to Astro is how do I get the content out of WordPress/ClassicPress to a format that Astro would be able to deal with. Fortunately Astro accepts content in markdown so a quick search for WordPress export to markdown and I found the wordpress-export-to-markdown.

To get started you will need to have Node.js installed on your computer. Once you get that installed you will need to use the command line to install the wordpress-export-to-markdown module. You will have download the export from your WordPress/ClassicPress website and save it to your computer. I placed the export xml file in its own folder and opened a terminal in the folder. Following the instructions from the wordpress-export-to-markdown Github page I was easily able to turn all the WordPress/ClassicPress posts into markdown. To my surprise I was even able to download all the images as well.

You can see an example of running the wordpress-export-to-markdown module in the video below. There is no sound so don’t turn your speakers up.

Once this conversion to markdown was done I copied the content to the Astro content folder. It could not have been easier.

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