Website Rebuild - Learning Markdown

One of the things that has been a learning curve for me with this website rebuild is the switch to using Markdown. I have been using HTML since 1995 and to be honest it has been a bit of a challange to not write posts using HTML. In WordPress/ClassicPress I always used the text editor and I have been aware that Markdown exists but until now I have never really had to use it.

I am sure over time I will get used to the syntax of Markdown but I have found a couple of tools to help me along the way. The first is visual markdown editor extension that I installed in Visual Studio. It has been really helpful with just letting me edit my markdown content files without me getting frustrated not knowing how to create links, make headings etc.

The other tool I have found helpful has been the HTML to Markdown online tool from Code Beautify. Simply paste in a section of HTML and it outputs the Markdown for it. It has been really helpful in fixing up sections of HTML like galleries from WordPress/ClassicPress that I am finding in posts.

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