Whitehat SEO Tips for Bloggers

This video has Matt Cutt’s doing a presentation at WordCamp 2007 with search engine optimization tips for bloggers.

It is a long video, just over 1 hour in length so you might want to just put the headphones on and let it play while you are working on something else.

There is a lot of good, basic information in the video that will help all people that run blogs and websites. Aside from the basic information about SEO, Matt encourages people to be creative to find ways to get links. He also has a great security tip using an .htaccess file to protect the WordPress admin folder. Make sure you change the IP address of your home computer and your work computer.

Put this .htaccess in /wp-admin/ (not in your root directory!

AuthUserFile /dev/null AuthGroupFile /dev/null AuthName “Access Control” AuthType Basic order deny,allow deny from all # whitelist home IP address allow from # whitelist work IP address allow from Read more at: http://www.reubenyau.com/protecting-the-wordpress-wp-admin-folder/

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