Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

If you have been around here for a little while you might remember me talking about the wi-fi detector shirt from ThinkGeek before Christmas. Thanks to a loving wife and a very determined sister in-law I actually got it for Christmas! I have to say it is the coolest geek shirt I own. I have not worn it to much yet, just to cold out side to show off the cool wi-fi detector on the front. I was thinking I might wear it into the city one day when we are going to be running errands in a mall. What is the point of having a wi-fi detector shirt on if no one can see it.

Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

I think my geekiness has reached a new low. I don’t care.

4 Responses to Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

  1. Wah, that’s a pretty neat shirt. I don’t think I would ever buy one, but if I ever saw anyone wearing one then I would just watch them to see if there is wifi around.

  2. […] Mozy is also giving away some “Back The F: Up” t-shirts but they are making people work for them. You have to come up with some way to promote Mozy and make them look good. You can read more about it here on the Back The F: Up website. If you have not seen one of the Back The F: Up t-shirts you can check out iJustine wearing one here, here and here. I think they should send one to me just because I am a nice guy, not to mention how often do I talk about them. Maybe I will just stick with my wi-fi t-shirt. […]

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