WordPress 2.3.1 Out in the Wild

It has been just over a month since WordPress 2.3 was released and we already have WordPress 2.3.1 out. The release is a bug and security release so you should upgrade especially if you are on a web host that has register_globals enabled in your php setup. Many shared hosts still have register_globals enabled for compatibility with other software so if you run your blog on a shared server you should look at upgrading as soon as possible.

Other big news for this release, as far as I am concerned, is a bug fix to fix a login problem that affected those with a blog address different than their WordPress address. I have this problem on a clients blog and had to roll it back to 2.2.2 so they could continue using the site. I will have to upgrade them to 2.3.1 now.

You can download the latest WordPress release here: http://wordpress.org/latest.zip

Read all about the release on the official WordPress blog.

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