WordPress 2.5 Released

Well the big news this morning is that WordPress 2.5 has been released to the world. You can download the the latest version from the WordPress website. I will be downloading and taking a look at it later today, and will probably upgrade this blog on Monday. It will depend how my testing goes and if I find any problems with plugins etc. I don’t expect any problems, but you never know.

I am looking forward to the new administration interface in WordPress 2.5. I have seen several demos of it and it looks like they did a great job or reworking it.

Don’t forget, before you upgrade your blog to make a backup. That way if the whole world blows up on your blog after you upgrade you can just restore the backup. I always make two. One using cPanel that I can use to restore the whole website in the case of a major disaster and a WordPress backup of the plugins, themes etc and the WordPress database itself.

Have fun and good luck.

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