WordPress 2.6 Released

I go to bed and what happens, WordPress releases a new version. That is what I get for sleeping, I miss important news like that. I know the world will not end with me now knowing about the new version of WordPress being released at the very second it happens.

For all of my clients that run their own WordPress blogs you can find out more information about the new version at the official WordPress blog. If anyone has trouble upgrading feel free to drop me a note and I will give you a nand if you need it.

For my clients that I update your WordPress installations, I will be testing the next version on my test server installation and then here before upgrading your blogs later this week. I will ensure that your site will not break and that the plugins will continue to work before backing up and upgrading your website.

The list of new features for WordPress 2.6 is long but the feature I am looking forward to is post revisions. I have lost posts in the past because of computer/browser crashes and it will be nice to have the edits saved as you go along.

They have a great video tour of WordPress 2.6 so take a look at the video for some of the new features.

As usual you can download the new version of WordPress at the WordPress download page. If you want to just grab the latest .zip file you can do that as well.

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