WordPress Headway Theme

I have written about some of the premium themes that are available for WordPress before but I wanted to tell you about a fairly new premium theme that is available for WordPress that I am quite impressed with. It is called Headway and it is different than many of the other premium themes that are available.

Headway is not just a premium theme, it is more a framework to build off of. There are a number of very good frameworks to start to build WordPress themes with but Headway has a unique visual editor that makes it easy to drag and drop different components into your theme. You can easily remove a sidebar on pages where you do not feel I is needed or add a sidebar to sections where you want it. Changing colours and font styles is as easy as a few clicks and changing the layout of a header is a breeze.

There is also the ability to use easy hooks to place content where you want it in the theme. Want to add some extra text to the footer, use an easy hook. Want to add an ad before or after a post, use an easy hook.

Many of the websites I have been working on lately are conversions from static HTML sites where clients are happy with the look and feel of their current website, but want the ability to edit the site themself and perhaps add a blog. Headway has become invaluable in recreating the clients website into WordPress.

Headway has also made the need to add the All in One SEO plugin no longer needed. Headway has taken many of the options of All in One SEO pack and intergrated them into the theme. You can control all the aspects of SEO including setting a custom title, meta description and keywords.

If you are looking for a fantastic theme framework to build your WordPress website with, or are a developer wanting an easy to use framework for your clients websites take a serious look at Headway. I have already created two WordPress based websites with it for clients and it has already paid for the developer license in the time I saved getting the clients sites done and out the door. Best of all my clients are happy because they can use WordPress to manage their websites and add new content.

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