WordPress Rel Nofollow Checkbox Plugin

Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Adding the rel=“nofollow” on links in WordPress can be a pain especially if you want some links to be nofollow and some to be followed. Thankfully with the WordPress Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin you can simply create your links how you normally would and just select the checkbox if you would like it to be nofollowed.

There are a number of nofollow plugins in the WordPress plugin repository but this one is my favourite. The simplicity of being able to just click the checkbox on the links I want nofollowed instead of making something complicated the nofollows all links on a website or all external links.

This is one of those plugins I wish I have created and is really useful on the publishing side of WordPress. If you have been looking for a simple nofollow plugin for WordPress take a look at the Rel Nofollow Checkbox plugin

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