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From flickr- http://flickr.com/photos/scobleizer/2265816229/.The WP-Amazon plugin is an easy way to search and insert products from Amazon into your blog posts, whether you are a part of the Amazon affiliate program or you just want to refer people to a specific item you like on Amazon.

I discovered the WP-Amazon plugin last week when I was looking for an easy way to insert Amazon links into blog posts. Inserting affiliate links from the Amazon Associates program is one of the most tedious and slow tasks there is. I was certain there had to be a faster way. WP-Amazon supports Amazon stores from six countries including: Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan and the United States. Adding your Amazon Associates ID is optional, and the plugin will work perfectly fine without the ID, you just won’t get paid anything if people click through those links and buy something.

The plugin makes it easy to insert images and/or product text links to Amazon. Just install the plugin, go to write a post. When you want to insert a link to an Amazon product, click the little Amazon button Open Amazon search button on the top right hand corner, do a search for the product and simply click and drag the image and link. Adding links to Amazon just got a lot easier. Here is a video of the plugin in action.

When I installed the plugin last week I had some issues with it not being compatible with WordPress 2.3.3, but a quick look through the WP-Amazon Google Group gave me a solution to the problem. I notice that the plugin has actually been updated since I installed it to be compatible with WordPress 2.3+. If you do have any problems getting the plugin to work a quick search through the Google Group and maybe a post will probably solve your problem.

Whether you run a niche blog talking about a specific product or you just like to talk about the latest books/cds/dvds that you bought the WP-Amazon plugin will save you a lot of time adding in those Amazon links. The WP-Amazon plugin will also help you to diversify your blogs income sources so you are not relying on only one or two ad sources. The Amazon Associates program is one of my favourite programs. Amazon is a brand that has a high level of trust by consumers and that can help convert to a sale.

Photo by Robert Scoble

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