WYSIWYG WordPress Theme Generator

The generaters that are being created are getting more complex all the time. I recently came across the templatr, a website that you can use to create and edit your own WordPress theme.

If you have been wanting to start creating your own WordPress themes but don’t want to learn all of the HTML, CSS and PHP you would need to do it then the templatr is perfect for you. It is basically a a what you see is what you get WordPress theme generator. That being said, there is some basic CSS that you will need to know, like the difference betweek a class and an id, but for the most part you can click and edit your way through most of the settings.

Choose a layoutYou start by selecting your basic layout for your theme, this can be a simple two column with header and footer, or more complicated layouts. Once you choose your layout you can use the designer to click and edit the specifics of your layout. In a very short time you can have nicely formated layout with the specific fonts you want for headers, paragraphs, blockquotes, lists and more.

The site also offers an image uploader to so you can use images as backgrounds in your theme. I tried using the imagetools, and while the site said the images uploaded properly I was never able to access them in the designer. I was using Firefox on Linux, and I never tried the site in Internet Explorer, so it might be a Firefox issue.

Once you have created your perfect WordPress blog layout you simply click the “Download Here” button and you have your theme masterpiece ready to be unzipped and uploaded to your WordPress blog to use.

Overall templatr is a very useful tool for those bloggers and webmasters that want to start creating a custom WordPress theme. In only half and hour I was able to create a very basic WordPress theme. If I had been able to properly use the imagetools to upload images I would have spent a great deal longer on the site working one a theme. While this tool might not provide you with every little tweak for your theme it will give you a head start on creating your own WordPress theme very quickly.

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